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Buy From The Bald Guy: Your One-Stop Shop for Insurance

Helping People Find
The Insurance They Need 


Homeowners Insurance

Your home is one of your most important assets. Not only is it where memories are made, it also holds your possessions. A homeowners policy protects what you’ve worked so hard to build by providing not only physical coverage but liability as well. Find your home with Bald Guy Insurance and stay.

Auto Insurance

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, from auto’s and collector cars to motorcycles, we’ve got what you need. Rv’s and campers, ATV’s, golf carts? No problem for Bald Guy Insurance!


Commercial Insurance

While building your business, let us worry about streamlining the insurance process for you. We will simplify the entire process for you and your company. From general liability, property and workers comp, we make it the smooth choice.

Life Insurance

There is nothing more precious than life but you don’t need life insurance. Your family needs you to have life insurance. Accidents can happen at any time.


Umbrella's are always helpful

A great way to keep things as clean and simple as possible, while saving even more.

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