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Does Insurance Cover an Ice House?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It's a sport I will personally never understand. Besides the fact that it's freezing out, or that you have to touch the freezing water or fish or bundle up because it's freezing! It's the north! We live where the air hurts your face! You've seen the memes. There's a theme here.. IT'S FREEZING! But hey, from what I hear, it's a great time to sit back, drink some beer, and enjoy the company of whoever else enjoys things that are freezing.

Ice Fishing. It's not something I can talk a whole lot about. I can, however, talk a lot (probably too much) about your ice house and the coverage you do or do not have. My first question is: Do you know that although you carry coverage on your fancy shcmancy (it's a real word!) Ice Castle that, if it falls through the ice, you may not indeed have coverage.

Uh oh. Where'd my ice house go?

Say what? It's true. Some policies do not cover your ice house falling through the ice. Some companies only cover it if it falls through the ice. ATTACHED TO YOUR VEHICLE! Crazy, I know. Or what about theft? For those with a permanent winter spot, you park the ice house. Are you covered if someone breaks in and steals your supplies? Or worse, your ice castle itself? I joke, but I know how expensive some ice houses can be. And how devastating it would be not to have coverage to replace something valuable.

This is why we often stress having a conversation with your agent. Perhaps you recently switched policies or moved the coverage from one agency to another, from one company to another. Maybe you're using the "do it yourself" tool offered by so many online carriers that you aren't even aware of the coverage you carry.

Will you be left standing on the ice? Check your coverage, or you might just be sitting on a 5-gallon bucket by a hole or shacking with your buddy down the lake. Then, you might have to share that secret fishing spot we discussed when you lost your new fancy boat because you thought it was covered under your homeowner's policy. We seriously can not stress enough how important it is to have these conversations with your agent. Don't wait until you're looking for your now sunk ice house. Let's ensure you have the right coverage for all of your toys or recreational vehicles. Give us a call. Or hey, invite any of my co-workers out to the ice house (offer them hats for their bald heads!) I'll keep the office warm.

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