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It Could Happen To You...

Hello Tavern Owners! Or any owner that serves alcohol at their establishment. Not only do I want to know where you at so I can swing in for a beverage, but Bald Guy Insurance wants to make sure you have the right coverage in place. I mean, let's be honest... we have over 50+ years combined experience working with owners just like you, but we also have years experience visiting and sampling products. That makes us uniquely qualified experts!

All joking aside, do you know what coverages you have in place? If you were to have a loss, whether a liability loss or property loss, are you certain your insurance policy covers it? How about legal defense if it comes to that? Does your carrier have a legal defense team to defend you?

Let's take a look at a few scenarios that could happen to you...

Scenario: It's getting close to closing time. Last call. And man, the gentleman at the corner of the bar is not happy with you yelling last call. He isn't ready to end his night. Still has a few karaoke songs in him and he isn't ready to stop what he refers to as singing. He was up next to sing Adele's "Hello". He starts getting loud and disruptive, so you attempt to remove him from your bar. While trying to usher him out the door, he starts flipping tables, throwing bottles and destroying other property. Another patron is injured in all this chaos. Who's liable here? Are you liable because you didn't cut him off earlier, preventing further intoxication? Is the intoxicated patron liable for the property damage and the injury to the other party? Do you know if your policy covers this?

We know. And if you are insured with us, you will know. Not only do we specialize in these products, we educate our insured's as well. This way, you know what coverage you have on your policy, you understand the in and outs as well so you are not caught off guard in the event of a loss.

Scenario: You were just served with a lawsuit. An attorney states his client claims he was seriously injured in a bar fight with a few other patrons years ago. You've checked with your staff but no one remembers the gentleman or a fight that happened. What do you do now? Are you covered for this type of liability claim? Is there even a claim?

If you were insured with Bald Guy Insurance, there would be coverage for aggressive defense against bogus claims. Some of our companies staff legal departments with in-house attorneys who will use their experience and knowledge to personally manage your case.

Hey... our bald guys didn't lose their hair doing the fun stuff. Okay, well maybe enjoying a beverage or two was part of it. They lost their hair doing the work, gaining the experience, knowledge and expertise so you don't have to. We give you the individual attention you need. Don't get stuck in a situation like the examples above with no coverage in place. Call us! Lets talk about your unique needs.

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