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It could happen to you...

Attention all club, bar, tavern, lounge owners. Or anyone that might serve alcohol at your establishment. Besides wanting to know where you at so I can swing in and have a beverage, let's talk insurance. Fun! Here at Bald Guy Insurance, we have years of experience and knowledge knowing the in and outs of Tavern Insurance. Plus, we have years of experience of being a patron of these establishments, which let's be honest, makes us pretty much experts in this line of insurance.

Let's face it, insurance is confusing. There are so many coverages that are automatically included and then there are the optional coverages that you can add on to ensure you are properly insured. And what about those exclusions? This is why we have lost our hair, making sure we are uniquely qualified to provide custom-tailored protection for you and your establishment. It could happen to you... and we are there to make sure you have the policy you need in force!

Scenario: You've just been served with a lawsuit. An attorney claims his client had been seriously injured by a few other intoxicated patrons in a bar fight at your bar...years ago. You did your research, asking staff if they remember the incident, but no one can recall the details. Now what? Are you covered for this liability loss? Will your insurance carrier vigorously defend you?

Hello Bald Guy Insurance! YES! We work so closely with companies that understand owning a alcohol serving business comes with higher risk at times. So we don't take chances on your coverage. We choose these companies because they get it. As you insurance company, as your agent - that's our job and we do it well. Our companies will be aggressive in defending you against possible bogus claims. These companies have protected establishments like yours from a wide range of business, property and liquor liability losses.

Scenario: It's closing time, last call. One patron gets upset because he isn't ready to leave for the evening. As you are trying to escort him out, he starts flipping tables, throwing bottles, wrecking your property and injuring another patron in the process. Who's liable here? Will you be liable because of the amount of alcohol you served him? Will he be liable because he caused the damage and injury?

These are questions we can answer. These are the type of things we want to make sure you have protection for. Don't get caught on the losing end of a lawsuit. Talk to your agent. Let's go over your policies and make sure you are protected.

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