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There are fun things in insurance!

I know... insurance is boring. Your eyes have already rolled into the back of your head. But HEY! This blog is fun! I'm going to share some fun facts about what could be covered by an insurance policy. Hold on to your hats! Just goes to show, making the Smooth Choice when it comes to protecting your uniqueness can be fun and easy for you. See what we could cover for you below!

Laughter.. We have to laugh in life, right? Well, if you career is making people laugh, guess what? You can be insured by insurance called "Death by Laughter". It's basically a general liability policy that was created and triggered by events like the below.

In the early 1900's when a group of giggly cinemagoers reportedly approached an insurance company to request a policy that would cover them in the event they actually died laughing! In the 1970's a man named Alex Mitchel reportedly died laughing while watching a comedy show called "The Goodies". It was later ruled that he had a rare hereditary heart condition, but was triggered by a half hour of uncontrollable laughter. There is also evidence that a British Broadcasting Corporation reported a comedy troupe approached a company for a death by laughter policy because they wanted protection in the event that their material was so hilarious it actually caused viewers to die laughing. So a few reports of laughter-related deaths have been reported.

Call me crazy, but here's another one... Since 1987, Alien Abduction Insurance has been readily available to purchase. There have been about 100,000 policies written through out the years. I can't be sure why one would purchase this type of policy, but it goes to show when you make the Smooth Choice with Bald Guy Insurance, we're going to find the right coverage for you, regardless of your need.

Celebrity's have had their smiles insured, their legs, hands, etc. This really started around 1920's. A silent movie star bought a $25,000 policy in case his signature crossed eyes ever uncrossed. A well known music artist insured his tongue for $1,000,000!

When we say your are making the Smooth Choice with Bald Guy Insurance, we mean it. We take pride in knowing our industry from fun facts like above to the more boring side of insurance. We truly do shine when it comes to making sure your insurance covers what you need it to. Because again, we have lost our hair making sure we know insurance so you can trust that you have the best coverage at a rate you can afford.

And hey... if you want to look into Alien Abduction Insurance, we'll look into for you without judgement! It makes the Smooth Choice Shine!

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